June 2014: Tips, eNews and More!
What are your summer plans?

Summer is here! Are you planning any exciting trips? Will you be taking advantage of Ontario's beautiful cottage country?

Off for the summer?

If your children are on summer vacation for the next few months, be sure to remind them that a break from their regular schedule does not mean a break from good oral hygiene. If they are heading off to camp or doing any extensive traveling, bring them in for an appointment before they leave so we can ensure they start the summer off right

If you are interested in improving your smile for inevitable photo opportunities during patio season, give us a call or request an appointment here. Now is a great time to discuss the smile of your dreams.

Have a great month, and Happy Father's Day on June 15th to all of the dads out there.

Dr. Charles Weingarten and Team

Get to Know Your Smile!

There are four types of teeth that make up the 32 teeth in the adult mouth:
  • Incisors used for biting and tearing food
  • Canines used for aiding in the tearing and holding food in place
  • Premolars for crushing and grinding food
  • Molars also for crushing and grinding our food before we swallow
These teeth work together to aid in digestion, maintain the shape of your jawbone and smile and don't forget your overall oral and physical health. A missing or damaged tooth can put the surrounding teeth at increased risk of decay and lead to future problems. It is important to care for and maintain every tooth regardless of their visibility when you smile. A healthy mouth is essential to a healthy body, so much so that early signs of health problems often appear in the mouth, making regular visits to the dentist more important than you may think.

Come by our office next time you're in the neighborhood!

Fig and Prosciutto Salad

Looking for a delicious salad that is filling, yummy and very easy? This fig and prosciutto salad is the perfect thing to bring to the beach or a picnic. It's very easy to assemble and the combination of sweet and savoury creates an interesting balance of flavours.

Take your special someone on a picnic and surprise them with this beautiful salad!

Click here for the full recipe!