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Sedation Options for Dental Anxiety Patients in Aurora

Sedation Options for Dental Anxiety Patients in Aurora

If you or somebody you know has dental anxiety or dental phobia (fear of dentists), they usually delay dental appointments or panic the night before a dental consultation - they may be an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry refers to the use of anesthesia for an extensive period of time during treatment, to alleviate anxiety or put patients in a sleep-like state, to relax their nerves and movements, so little is remembered or felt during the dentistry procedure. Whether for a minor problem or extensive treatment for root canal work or gum disease, many patients desire a sedation dentist to put their mind at ease before the treatment.

If you have any of the following fears below, our Aurora dental team at Weingarten Dental would be pleased to discuss if you are qualified for sedation dentistry to make your Aurora dental experience pain-free at our Aurora dental office.

  • Past traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of dental equipment, sounds and treatment
  • Have not visited a professional dentist in many years
  • Hyper sensitive teeth
  • Very sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening mouth
  • Embarrassed about your teeth
  • Experience sweaty palms and grip the armrests
  • Denial about a dental problem until you experience extreme pain
  • Fear of "numbness"
  • Have a complex dental problem and require surgery

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